ultraphallus: sowberry hagan (riot season)

Ultraphallus-Sowberry-Haganultraphallus is a homage and the real name given to michael jackson’s father, joe jackson, who raped and educated his children hardly… joe jackson is the ultimate father… for all, he is the ultraphallus.

seriously. doubleyou tee eff?

not sure if this is some weird conceptual piece. like one of the melvins sniggering anti-jokes. doesn’t really matter so much when the record’s as sonically pleasing as this. a kinda awesome mix of all that back-in-the-day, angular albini scratch from quarterstick and touch and go, the ugly fucks sprawled and spewing across the amphetamine reptile roster, oh and chuck in some o’ the forward-looking throwback aesthete metal that southern lord dips it’s tattooed toes into.

shoogle it about and well i spose you end up with a riot season record…

eleven tracks flitting between snotty black metal, monged hardcore and doomy ambient, with schmears of unjazz and semi-set concrète congealing between their whiteknuckled fingers. like an alacritous khanate with a sense of humour. like brainbombs without the need to shower after. like breach fulla philip k. dick vibes and trappist brew.


yr basic four piece rawk set up. ‘cept with saxophones, banjo, samples, field noise. haunted house vox fug buried deep in the mix. eugene robinson’s unsettling b(l)oozey orgasmic meta-croon on the red print (all sampled ambient noise sighs and elektrical klang). everything bleeding across everything else, shunted into one yuzna-esque pulsating membrane of morbid sludge.

exploratory. many greasy fingers in questionable pies. spluttering into life with pathological freemind verse, like that boris/merzbow joint i love so freaking much. y’know physics and biology grinding against one another. the crumbled offers twelve seconds of banjo and birdsong in the middle. and it creeps out with torches of freedom‘s trebley drone of cavernous black metal and snatches of ghost speech. everything in between is so much grist to the mill. music as music. sound as sound. and inbetwixt lies noise.

licking temporal lobes while gently kneeing balls.

ultraphallus / riot season

2 thoughts on “ultraphallus: sowberry hagan (riot season)

  1. “like breach fulla philip k. dick vibes and trappist brew”

    That actually made me laugh out loud.

    I loved this at first, but somehow got tired of it more quickly than I would’ve guessed.

  2. cheers! nah still really digging this. though i have been sitting on it a while. generally i love pretty much everything riot season puts out.

    problem with all this doom-y stuff is it gets pretty repetitive if you don’t give it some breathing space. drop tuning, hit chord, nod out. repeat. not that this really falls into that category. too much other shit going on.

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