james ferraro: far side virtual (hippos in tanks)

hmmm. much more interesting schtick (not always meant in the pejorative…) from james ferraro.

a vision of the future, from the past, made in the present, yeah? an atemporality. michael j. fox, baudrillard and buddhist presentism. how this is gonna sound and feel in twenty years time i dunno? maybe that’s the point…

it’s a move from the hazy liminal, magnetic tapestates of hypnagogia to the shiny metareality of digital. a light-filled lexulous assemblage, an inoffensive collage of electronic ambience, deheard sounds from consumer geegaws, bad software and eno jingles. the kind of thing él-g hints at on capitaine présent 5. unnarratives. nonnarratives. played out on those most modernist instruments – synths, laptops, samplers. corporate-branded clusterbombs of brushed aluminium simulation; grotesque, blank, consumerist; shards of tiny reflective baubles staring back at you(rself).

it’s a world that means sometimes fuck all to me. in a hundred and something year old house in rain boozed glasgow far side virtual’s as corporeal as logan’s run. not so much pop art as californian almost-cultural-detritus, post-historic obsoletist objets d’art: solar panels, starbucks cups, macs, frozen yoghurt, sushi bars, wifi, pixar, dubai. all there, obvious/subversive as a duchamp fountain.

utopia as dystopia. or vice versa. a google t(a)inted new age vision. a ballardian psychogeography; home shopping presenters and executive psychologists following url ley-lines and culturejammed videogame coding. it’s that glass/mirror emptiness offered by patrick bateman/easton ellis. and like their bland, vicious (xtra)normality i can’t tell what’s satire, what’s reflection, what’s real (there is no real!). feels like he’s saying: you like this stuff? honestly? it throws my irony radar.

i hate it. i love it.

james ferraro

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