street trash

i already got trouble with my kids my wife my business my secretary the bums the runaways the roaches and a homo dog… exploitation of the highest order. poetry as desperation. booze, homelessness, apocalypse. a world of liquor stores, ruined tenements and junkyard rot. vietnam war veterans, dirty fucking freaks. immigration, consumerism, mental illness, dreamstates, community. the forgotten, the detritus, tramps, cab drivers, bellboys, junk yard dogs, waiters, security guards, mafiosa, street thugs, rapists. new york baby! the ugly rotten conclusion of 80’s freemarket policy and a product of its societal cheapening. class politics, gender politics, race politics. a prophecy that’s so fucking obvious. ugly truth. political in a way that movies just aren’t anymore. cruel. relevant. look do what you want to burt he’s black no ones gonna give a shit. gerra fucken job the dude shouts. no enter vor pu the broke window states. no kissing says the homeless fella who looks like gram fucking parsons. you can’t deal with reality kevin! i read like old people fuck! dead maggot shit! i’m sick, i’m shitting in my pants whizzy! everything ends in exclamation. a venereal world. everything’s fucked, everyone’s sick. the jake’s melt, burst, explode. a cop pukes on a hitman. the rich get pissed on shat on. the rich get drunk and raped. fat fucks go off like meat balloons. the last post whistled. beautifully wrought violence. a pov shot from behind a dudes glasses fore he gets fucked up on windshield. a necro cock-ripping boogie woogie laurel ‘n’ hardy scene ending on the side of a school bus. it’s cinema. stylised as west side story or the warriors or marvel comics or a godzilla flick. primo satire. larry cohen’s the stuff. the gonzo violence of mad max. the harsh ectoplasmic dreams of wes craven fore the system squeezed him. soundtrack that’s as good as a ferraro / clark joint. goddam this is art!

i’m gonna eat your eyeballs like fucking grapes…

3 thoughts on “street trash

  1. When I was working at a bar, we were going to do movie nights in Monday and I had purchased a copy of Hobo With A Shotgun and was looking to do a double feature with street trash. Would have been a great night but couldn’t find a copy at the last minute. This is a oozeploitation classic!

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