regular music: compact digital audio (audio dregs)

not really sure i should be encouraging this kind of throwaway culture. but…

i like the playfulness here, of fucking with formats. and i’ve never been entirely comfortable with the lack of (real, physical) limitations that digital culture lauds. constraints aren’t always negative are they? and i have problems with the lack of mnemonic recall that comes with mp3’s or whatever…

not that this properly addresses these issues (nor is it really trying to i guess).

hell, it is, if you wanted to reduce it as such, not far from a  novelty birthday card that sings like elvis fucking christ when you open it. but… perhaps that (kinda) playerless thirty seconds of noise is saying something by being something. maybe it’s an obsoletist joke at the expense of / on behalf of obsoletism. maybe it’s a joke at yours/theirs/musics expense. is it novelty for the sake of novelty? is it playing on the artless disposability of digital music? christ knows… the medium is the message, the message is the medium…

audio dregs / regular music

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