battery face: addams family values (electropapknit)

vocals are buried, the angles skewed, rhythm a-clatters, it’s the post-albini blooze…

glasgow used to do a lotta this. then it didn’t. now, once in a while. gets right to the point. twenty and a bit minutes later, it’s gone, all sweaty and breathless. what is this, sst? kinda more am rep or touch n go. buncha fellas from copy haho, deathpodal, pvh transcend their day jobs and gob out this little beauty, slick like sperm on gold tooth…

these nine songs, they’re haikus; they’re tanka; they’re haiga. it’s a process of elimination. never using two words when one will do. to say in ten sentences what other men say in whole books. brevity, as dorothy parker said, is the soul of lingerie. parker that leftwing poet; that drunk wiseacre; that caustic blacklisted suicide. what can’t be said in three minutes ain’t worth saying. yeah? fuck. that. what can’t be said in less than a minute ain’t worth saying. short and goddam sweet. like shots of strega. small and beautifully formed. like porno midgets. listen. they jam econo. too clever to be stupid. too ugly to be pop. like the melvins sugar-coating helps the dissonance go down. lurches along like fuzzy logorrhoea, stumble-stops into a hammered waltz on dead is a trick, afore reeling around and pitching a skinny fist towards yr lughole once again.

battery face / electropapknit

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