the cosmic dead: rainbowhead (blackest rainbow)

scotland’s foremost hawkwind tribute band comes lumbering at you once more. an unstoppable nightbus drunk, high-heeled, insistent, sweating lysergia through pores you could count from five yards away.

big durty chunks of impulsive, compulsive dunderheided thump and whoooomff and skree. galumphing around yr skull like merbow’s elephant reimagined as fuzzy mammoth.

nevermind recorded in the highlands, this shit sounds like it was excavated from the highlands. dug out great elemental gobs of electricity. the apache beat as caveman stomp. drum thuds of distant trees felled. a greasy, queasy bass circling againagainagain searching for a way out/in, lonely sperm looking for an egg.

playing: a tetragrammaton. four tracks. four notes. four four beat. four standing stones. four hairy bastards. repeat, fo(u)r fucking ever.

blackest rainbow /  cosmic dead

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